Biography of Abin Raj

Sample Painting

The artist Abin Raj was born and brought up in Kannur district, Kerala state. He studied at St. Michaels and then did his three year art course at the Mahe Malayala Kalagramam art institution situated in Mahe. Malayala Kalagramam (MAKAM) is a centre for art and ideas which aims at providing children and youngsters a stage to practise and perform all forms of fine arts. The centre offers part time as well as full time courses in painting, sculpture, music and dance and art pottery. He was instructed by famous artists like M. V. Devan, who did his art from the famous Chennai Fine Arts institution. His other instructors included Suresh Kuthuparambha and Ms. Thomas.

While at the Kalagramam Abin was also considered a good model for the other students in the institution to practice their art on.

This site was created to showcase the large range of creations of Abin including Still-life, Studio paintings, Figure drawings, Landscapes, Abstract and Portraits. The locations of the landscapes are set mainly in the beautiful and vibrant city of Tellicherry, Kannur district, in the state of Kerala and depicted by the artist in his own personal and passionate way.